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Firefox 5.0 released recently on June 21st, 2011. Firefox is popular from its initial releases because of its easy to use features , less memory consumption and fast running. With every new release Firefox improving its user friendly features to serve more better. As internet usage from common users is also growing, this article focus on the features of Firefox which are most useful for common users. May be some features are available in previous versions, but now these are more enhanced in firefox 5.0.

5 useful featues of Firefox 5.0 you may like

1. Firefox 5.0 is small and fast

Even more than 1000 firefox developments added, still firefox 5.0 is designed to run fast. You can notice the speed of firefox when you compare other browsers. Digitizer compared chrome and opera with firefox and concluded that firefox has very fast Java script engine, improved HTML5 support, very fast start time and takes minimum RAM.

2. App Tabs

What are App Tabs..?

App tabs are your important (sites)tabs which resides permanently at left side of the browser’s tab bar. For example if you regularly interested to use Facebook, Gmail, or any site using most frequently, typing url and opening those daily is time consuming. Just add that site into App tabs and it will resides for ever at left side of your firefox tab bar.

Firefox App Tabs

One step [How to] to create App Tabs in Firefox..?

It is very simple right click on any web page and select Pin as App Tab.

One step [How to] to remove App Tabs in Firefox..?

Simply right click on app tab and select UnPin Tab.

One step [How to] to close App Tabs in Firefox..?

Simply right click on app tab and select Close Tab.

Interesting Tips on App Tabs

Whenever you choose App Tabs, your tab goes to left side of tab bar, which is starting point of all other tabs.
Only site icon is visible, no title is visible.
When new mail is delivered or any change in your app tab, it will high light in Blue.
App Tabs won’t close when you close firefox. When you start firefox those are available.
In the Tab Groups preview app tabs shown at right.
Only make your most important 4 to 5 sites as your app tabs. More app tabs makes more confusion.

3.Awesome bar (Location bar)

Awesome bar or Location bar is a address bar of Firefox which helps users to find the URLs quickly without having to type (remember) whole URL. Firefox brings the URLs information from existing page titles, URLs of browsing history, bookmarks, tags.

One step [How to] to control the location bar of Firefox..?

Go to Tools->options->Privacy. You find four options at the Location bar frame. You can use both History and Bookmarks, only Bookmarks, only History or Nothing.

Use the following Special characters to get more control on searching

Add ^ to search for matches in your browsing history
Add * to search for matches your bookmarks
Add + to search for matches in pages you’ve tagged
Add @ to search for pages that have web addresses (URLs) that match what you’ve typed
Add # to search for pages that have titles or tag names that match what you’ve typed
Add % to search for pages in currently open tabs that match what you’ve typed

Interesting Tips on Awesome bar

If you find nothing from the keyword you type in awesome bar, just press enter to search in web through google.
Switch to Tab feature of Firefox lets the user to switch to the already opened tab(site), if the keyword searching in awesome bar is matched. Which prevents opening duplicate tabs.
Do not clear browsing history if you want to get full benefits from awesome bar as it searches in browsing history.
Bookmark and tag your most visiting or interested websites so that it is easy for awesome bar to find from bookmarks and tags.
Deleting location bar auto complete results is easy. Just you down/up arrow and press delete.

4.Panorama [Tab Groups]

What is Panorama..?

Panorama also called Tab Groups is useful feature of Firefox through which firefox user can group similar tabs(sites) as one group.For example if you open social networking sites like facebook, twitter, orkut etc..and mail sites gmail, yahoo, rediffmail etc.. You may feel zig zag if all these tabs shown at one place. Using tab groups you can easily organise your mail sites and social sites.

Firefox 5.0 - tab groups - panorama

One step [How to] to create Tab groups

Press Keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+E to create Tab Groups. Small window with all tabs thumbnails view will be displayed(as shown in above figure). Drag similar sites out side of that window to create another tab group. After completion of creating tab groups again press Ctrl+Shift+E to show normal firefox.

Interesting Tips on Tab Groups

Use Ctrl+Shift+E navigate between multiple tab groups.
Searching in Tabgroups is easy. Goto tab groups [Ctrl+Shift+E] Just type the keyword what you want to find. Automatically seach will be activated.

5.Do not Track

Normally when you browse some websites, information like sites you visit, things you like, dislike and purchase may be tracked by somebody. This information may be used for displaying ads or selling it to advertisers or else. Do not Track feature of firefox stops this.

One step [How to] to enable Donot Track feature of Firefox..?

Goto Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> tick the check box Tell websites i do not want to be tracked.

I hope all the above features with simple steps and tips are useful for you. If you still not downloaded , Download Firefox 5.0 available in 70 languages and get the benefits of all the above features.

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  1. Nihar says:

    Great features. Thanks for sharing this….

    I have downloaded Firefox 5 but haven’t used these features. Will check these out.

    1. Mahender says:

      Nihar, Thanks for commenting. Many doesn’t see the useful features of daily using products. This is my small attempt on firefox 5.0 to introduce its great features. I am happy if it is useful for you.

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