How to solve firefox extensions compatibility issues

When we update Firefox to new version, for some existing extensions (addons) firefox shows compatibility issues. But if you do not want to lose some extensions follow these simple steps.

How to solve firefox extensions compatibility issues

Two Simple steps to work with incompatible Firefox addons

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1.Install add-on compatibility reporter addon. After installation if it does not take you to add-ons manager go to add-ons manager through Tools -> Addons (ctrl+shift+A).

2.Observe this message, Add-on compatibility checking is disabled. You may have incompatible add-ons. Don’t enable compatibility check. Go to the list of Addons not compatible with your latest firefox (observe the screen shot). Click on Restart now. Your favorite addons which are disabled will be enabled and start to work.

Most of the times almost all addons works fine. Some times if any addons still contains problems you may report compatibility issue by simply clicking on Compatibility button.

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