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How to improve your financial status

Arach angel Arial

Aaatma Namaste for one and all, Its is good to know how to improve the financial status for everyone in this world. Please just think for a while why the 99% of the property is hold by the 1 % of the world population? Is it that they are more capable of handling them? Is …

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3 useful money saving steps and tips if bank housing loan interest rates increased

what if Bank loan interest rates increased

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) increased policy rates tenth time. Banks may increase loans interest rates because of increasing in repo and reverse rates by Reserve Bank of India. This would make a big impact on the long term housing loan salaried employees monthly EMIs (Equal Monthly Installments). for example for Rs.30 Lakhs loan for …

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Tips for Non Resident Indians (NRI) for selecting investment schemes in India

Where Non Resident Indians (NRI) can and cannot invest

As per Reserve Bank of India FEMA (Foreign Exchange Management Act) guidelines Non Resident Indians(NRI) can invest only in selected schemes in India. NRIs cannot invest in the following schemes

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