Best parental control tool for your advanced kids | Download free qustodio

It is better to put one eye on your child’s net usage activities now itself. Because this is the time, where their innocent mind attracts towards wrong things.

Qustodio is free software application which puts effective control on your childs web activities even if your child is more advanced than you.

Best features of Qustodio

Qustodio advanced technology guides and safely monitors them when they are online.

Children now a days spending their most of the time in social networking. Qustodio monitors your child’s activities in social networking. It scans your children participation in chats.

Using Qustodio you can monitor your childs activity from any location.

Children become more advanced than elders. Qustodio designed to be tamper proof, so they can’t break the controls you put for them.

Download link of Free Qustodio

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