Convert your word documents to audio files in single step

Listening is easier than reading, Anyone can agree this. We can also listen while working, while resting, in journies is n’t it.

At the same time Reading may not be easy every time. We should sit at one place to read, we can’t involve in other work while reading.

Convert word documents to audio files

Who can benefit more from Audiodocs

Students who needs to read and remember many things for exams can convert their material into audio wave files. And can listen it at any time. Then can copy audio files to mobiles and can listen it repeatedly many times. Repeatedly listening the same thing will stick on the mind. Experts says this.

Advocates, Judges who profession requires lots of reading can also benefit from this Audiodocs.

Teachers, Professors, Lecturers also can use it for better repeated listening.

Features of Audiodocs

No seperate software required to read the text
Copy audio files and play in audio player
User-friendly GUI
Quick and easy document conversion
Sound Control
Voice Control
Speeking Rate Control
Creates compressed audio documents
AudioDocs Software Development Kit (ADSdk)
Fast and Easy-to-Use Installer
.NET Framework 4.5 Packaged with AudioDocs
Multiple File Conversion
Redesigned GUI

How to use Audiodocs

Just select your word file by clicking browse. And then click on create AudioDoc. Your audio wave file will be ready at your word file location with same name but .wav extension. Just play it in your media player.

Download Free Audiodocs

You can download free Audiodocs here.

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