Dolphin Text Editor | Add extra word processing features to your Notepad

We still use Notepad for text processing. Because it is available in all types of windows versions, easy to use and it is small application so it works fasts , loads and closes fast. Ofcourse along with all these we are habituated to use notepad.

But notepad has only few features. We can’t make aligning, sorting , perform change case etc. Now i am sharing one little word processing menu tool Dolphin Text editor for you, which adds most frequently using text processing features for your word processing application.

Dolphin Text Editor -Add extra features to your Notepad

Dolphin Text Editor adds following features

Change case to upper , lower, sentence, invert, Random
Add to lines as Append Text, Prepend Text, Append Number, Prepend Number, Line spacing
Sort lines to Text ascending, Text descending, Number ascending, Number descending, length reverse shuffle
You can Remove Blank lines, leading characters, trailing characters, Duplicae lines, leading spaces, trailing spaces, lines start with, lines end with
Align as Left, center, align.
Convert to plain text, remove HTML Tags , remove BB code tags
Wrap Sentence, character, word
And other things like Repeat text, word count, join up lines, get files names etc.

How to use Dolphin Text Editor

Download Free Dolphin Text Editor. It sits in your taskbar. Use Ctrl+0(numpad) ( you can change this) short cut key combination to see the menu.

You can use it in all types of word processing tools like Notepad, Editplus, MS word, word pad etc.. That means you need not to remember all applications short cut keys.

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