How to switch / change multiple IP address quickly – Download Free Netsetman

How can i use multiple networks (internet) without changing IP Address? How can i get my personal internet in my home and official internet in my office in my laptop just with a simple click? How could i switch between multiple IP adresses without much difficult? How can i see My Computer IP Address easily?

Now a days its a common thing to have the above questions in mind, because more than one internet connection (network) for one computer is common today. People try to switch between different networks by changing ip adress. Netsetman is a Freeware, which really helps a lot in switching among the IP Adresses.

Download Free  Netwetman - How to switch change multiple IP address quickly

One time Activity After installation of NetSetMan

1.As soon as you install netsetman, launch the program. You can observe six tabs namely set1 to set6. That means you can save and switch among six differnet IP address to your computer. You can Rename (Right click) all set1 to set6 to understand words like office, home, officechannel1, friend, test etc which can be remembered easily.

2.Then select the Network adapter. Mostly default adapter will be selected.

3.Then enter the IP Adress, subnetmask, default gateway, DNS Server, WINS Server as you enter in TCP/IP settings as profile . You can Maintain maximum six profiles.

4.Then if you want to start the program with your windows add it to your windows start up with the menu Options-Preferences->General->Start with windows.

5.From here itself through menu Tools-> You can maintain, NSM Wi-fi Management, Windows network connections, Internet Options etc.

Thats all your initial settings are completed.

One Step Process to switch IP Address with NetSetMan

Go to the Taskbar. By placing the mouse cursor on NetSetMan Icon you can see complete IP Address,subnetmask,dns settings. To switch / change the IP Address you simply click on NetSetMan icon and then select your IP Adress Settings profile name (see the following screenshot).

NetSetMan changing ip address

Download Free NetSetMan

You can Download Free version ofNetSetMan from here.

or else

You can Download Free version of NetSetMan from here.

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