Windows Gadget to monitor Internet and Network connections

Network Monitor is a small but useful windows Gadget which shows important and interesting information about your Wired or Wireless Network and Internet connections.

You can get Internal IP (LAN IP), External IP (Internet IP or WAN IP), Net usage, Signal strength, Connection type (wired / wireless), upload progressbar, download progressbar, current network peak speed, upload graph, download graph, uploading speed, downloading speed, peak speed, uploaded quantity, downloaded quantity at one place.

Windows Gadget to monitor Internet and Network connections

Each time you need not open your internet settings to see IP address. Just put one look at this gadget.

You can quickly say Internet connection is exist or not.

If external IP disappears you can understand that there is a problem in your internet. If you unable to see internal IP problem is with your LAN connection.

Graph types and colors can be adjustable. Lot of things can be done with the options available with this Network Monitor gadget.


All these you can get for your wireless connection also.

Download Free Network Monitoring Gadget – Network Monitor

Download Free Network Monitor


Download Free Network Monitor

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