Lock your Keyboard and Mouse for your Kids | Download Free KidKeyLock

My Two year old Son Vinnu, very keen to operate my computer. He demands to sit on my computer and try to operate it by pressing any of the keys on keyboard, clicking on mouse, in a way like whatever he wants with his little hands. I can’t able to stop him. After few minutes when i handed over my system it may be in shut downed condition, restarting or lot of disturbances will be found in my working documents. I think the same thing you may also facing with your kids. So i am introducing a free software for you which blocks your mouse and keyboard for a while.

How to Lock your Keyboard and Mouse

Lock your Keyboard and Mouse from your Kids  Download Free KidKeyLock
KidKeyLock is a small program which locks and unlocks your Keyboard and Mouse. As soon as you install KidKeyLock it sits on your task bar. Right click on KidKeyLock (Lock symbol) and select Locks. Then from here you can lock all keys, only some keys, All mouse buttons, right mouse button, left mouse button, mouse wheel what ever you want.

Download Free KidKeyLock

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