Windows most frequent tasks at one place for fast working| Download free multicommander

How to work fast and easily with Windows..? How to get daily and most frequently doing actions of windows at one place..? How to get most advanced explorer than windows explorer..? For those who are expecting answers for these sought of questions i am introducing a free software which makes working with windows still more easy.

Popularity of windows lies in its easy to use interface, which made windows successful and popular than other operating systems. Multicommander improves the easy to use interface of windows still more.

Windows most frequent tasks at one place for fast working  Download free multicommander

One Step to complete most frequently performing tasks in windows using multicommander

As soon as you install multicommander only one window with all most frequently using windows functions will be available. Simply carryout the following actions by just clicking the buttons or respective customizable keyboard short cuts.

Best Alternative of Windows Explorer: In windows explorer you can see one window (folder or drive) at a time but where as in multicommander you can view more than one folder or drive at a time with simple shortcuts and buttons all at one place.

Compress the zip files: Hereitself you can work with all your compressed zip, 7-zip, rar, tar, gz, bz2, jar files.

Easy Copy: Files can be moved or copied from one location to another location even more simpler than windows explorer.

Short cut keys and buttons: You can use buttons available all at one place for most frequently done works or customizable keyboard short cut keys.

FTP: It can also works as FTP.

Registry Manager: Here itself you can Manage the registry.

File Permissions: You can control windows files permissions and ownerships here itself.

Picture viewer and editor: Here itself user can view, rotate the pictures and edit the exif tags, adjust exif date of pictures.

Audio and MP3 editor: Multicommander can even edit your mp3 tags also.

Developers API: Open Application Programming Interface (API) for developers to develop plugins and extensions.

USB Drive Support: Multicommander can also be installed in your USB Drive.

Fileviewer: User can view any size of file may be ASCII/Unicode/UTF8/Binary and Hex.

Browser: You need not to switch to another window for your web browzing. Simply type the URL at address it will takes you to your browser.

Background Tasks: You can put all your time consuming tasks in background which takes time to finish. While your background jobs executing you can continue your other works.

Enhancable Interface: You can make it still more easily with customizable colors and layouts options.

Plugins and extensions support: Periodically plugins updates available, which makes multicommander still more friendly.

Download Free MultiCommander

Download Free MultiCommander 32 bit

Download Free MultiCommander 64 bit


Download Free MultiCommander 32 bit

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