Aakash – Worlds cheapest Tablet Configuration , Features, Specifications , Price and availability

Aakash, the worlds cheapest Tablet has been unveiled by Mr. Kapil Sibal, Union Telecoms and Education Minister on 05th October, 2011 after long waiting for year.

Worlds cheapest Tablet Aakash Configuration , Features, Specifications , Price and availability

The rich have access to the digital world, the poor and ordinary have been excluded. Aakash will end that digital divide.
Telecoms and Education Minister Kapil Sibal.

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Worlds cheapest Tablet Aakash Configuration ,Features and Specifications

Processor: 366 MHz

Primary Memory (RAM): 256 MB

Secondary Memory (HDD): 2 GB Flash, 32 GB expandable

Operating System : Android 2.2 (Froyo)

Warranty : One year

Screen & resolution: 7-inch resistive touch screen with 800×480 resolution

USB Ports: 2

Formats supported:DOC, DOCX, PDF and PPTX etc

Headphones jack: 3.5 mm

Battery & backup: 2100mAh battery upto 3 hours

Weight : 350 grams

Modem & Internet: Inbuilt cellular modem and SIM to access internet.

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Worlds cheapest Tablet Aakash Price and availability

Worlds cheapest Tablet Aakash Price in India will be Rs.2,999.00. It is expected to available in the market from November, 2011 onwards. The government will buy the units of the device for Rs 2250 each from a British company which is assembling the devices in India. Then after taxes (no subsidy) Price comes to Rs.2,999.00. It is expected that Price may come down around Rs.450.00 (10$) when bulk production starts. But it may take time.

Initially, one lakh pieces are planned to distribute to students at subsidized rates. So try to avail this opportunity if you are a student.

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  1. naved ali says:

    i am a BE mechanical student.
    I really want the free tab from government

  2. Tushar Singh says:

    please tell me how to get it

  3. Desh bir Thakur says:

    i was surprisw to read that a tablwt names Akash is going to be in my pocket very soon bcoz its only for Rs.2999. wooo…….

    Thank you

  4. Subham shree sahoo says:

    According to the news deeclared one lakh pieces of the tablet AAKASH are planned to distribute to students at free of cost. so i want to this opportunity as i am a student .

    may i know how can i avail this opportunity as early as possible…………..

  5. amber das says:

    my self amber das from dhanbad ,jharkhand.i read in DAV model school CFRI.my family’s income is less.so,can i also able to get free tablet laptop from education ministery?

    1. Sudipta Panja. says:

      Available for post secondary students.
      Me frm dhanbad as well.

  6. avinash says:

    This is not like that ,that i was think.It is good only for Reading but not made for Professional work.System configuration isn’t good.Best of luck to students.

  7. ravi says:

    as gov has planned to distribute 1 lakh free to student, may i know wats the procedure to get it

  8. Minakshi says:

    Please ,tell me how to get it free for students at free of cost?

  9. pallavi says:

    Hi, i am pallavi student of Msc and i want to know more information of akash tablet.And also know how to get it free of cost?

  10. Rakeshlal says:

    Not only for students but also for all professional who use to handle lot of documentation as large amout of documents can be saved the only problem is that the system could be developed for 3G as well lets wait for 3G in this cost.

  11. Gaurang Patel says:

    Hello, As i m Student , I want to take opportunity to use this type of Tablet soon as possible. So please kindly notify me how to buy this and to order.

    Gaurang Patel.


    this is a real revalution in the indian study. now the students of india get a high hop hill in the technical education

  13. G.sada siva srinivas says:

    please tell me how i got this tablet.

  14. Chandan Mahanty says:

    Can anyone tell me that how can i get it and from where and what are the requirements to get it.

  15. PRADEEP says:

    Let me know how to get it.

  16. tarun arora says:

    i am a student imay know how to get this tablet

  17. awez says:

    i.m not a student .not able to cont my studies due to some personal reason. But i want .

  18. pradeep kuma says:

    i am an engg. student ,How to get it free?

  19. Raman.Da.Star says:

    does this TAB has Camera,Wi-fi,bluetooth,and does it support android apps??

    1. Hitul says:

      No it does not have camara,Wi-FI and it will suport android apps but onw drwaback is that most of apps need minimum 600 Mhz processor which it does not have so forgot about huge market support.Also No 3g so on edge speed will be so low so we cant surf good.

  20. pintu kumar dalai says:

    am a BSC ( Safety )student.
    I really want the free tab from government

  21. Ashish Biswas says:

    I’m in B.Tech (Computer Science). How could I get the Tablet Akash for FREE?

  22. Jitesh Doctor says:


    Can any-one tell as to how can i get the Aakash Tablet , what is the procedure for the same and under what circumstances will one be eligible for get Aakash (Tablet PC) for free?

    Please notify me as soon as possible for the same.

    Thanks & Regards,


  23. Abhishek Sharma says:

    I’m a B.Tech (Computer Science) student. How could I get the Tablet Akash for FREE?

  24. sreyansbhurat says:

    sir i am a student of srm university doing my b.tech course branch IT(3rd year)…..i am too looking to avail aaksah tablet from government free of cost as my dad income is less…can u help me out with this and tell me how to get it????

  25. Ramesh says:

    Thanks for knowledge akash tablets

  26. tribhuvan says:

    this is nt a gud tab resistive touch 2-3 months mein kharab ho jaegi
    y cant they use capacitive touch errrrrrrrrrrrr

  27. Deepak says:

    Is it very slow ?

  28. jobin joy says:

    its great in case of price.
    but processing take more time.
    battery backup was also poor.
    please think of a better processor plus more battery back up please.

  29. suman sarkar says:

    itna accha mobile koi nahi bana sakat agar bana bhi lega to itna cost rakhega

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