Popular Gadgets and Smartphones of the year 2011

This year 2011 many popular gadgets has been released continously, among them only few gadgets are succeeded. Compared to previous year 2010 competetion and interest of the gadget lovers made companies to release more varieties. As per my interest i listed some gadgets.

Samsung Google Nexus S

High end smartphone Samsung Google Nexus S succedeed beyond the expectations. Amazing features like Google Gingerbread 2.3 Operating System, 4 inches counter display, 1 GHz humming bird processor, 16 GB memory made it most successful of this year. You can buy this around the price of Rs.31000.

Apple Iphone 4

Apple Iphone 4

According to Apple, Iphone 4 is thinnest smartphone of the world. Eventhough it receives some compliants, attracted many users. 3.5 inches Retina display, 5 MP camera are the popular features of this Apple Iphone 4. Price tag is around Rs.35000.

Sony Playstation Vita

Sony Playstation Vita is one of the best Portable entertainment system available in the market.5 inches front and rear multi touch pad gaming experience may be the main reason of its popularity. It is Developed according to the future changes in gaming softwares. Reasonable price tag around Rs.13000 is another advantage.

Motorola Zoom

Motorola Zoom

Personal Computer in Small tablet that is Motorola Zoom. Android Platform, 10.1 inches HD Display, 1 GHz dual core processor, 5 MP rear facing camera, 2 MP Front facing camera made it popular. Price tag is around Rs.39000.

Samsung Galaxy S2

Most Popular Gadgets of the year 2011

One of the Best Android phone released from Sansung. 32 GB Built in memory, 3 MP camera, HD video play back and recording are popular features of Samsung Galaxy S2. You can get it at the price of Rs.30000.

Blackberry play book

Blackberry play book

One of the famous Gadget this year. Available in 16GB, 32GB, 64GB versions. Wifi support, 7 inches flatness, easy browsing, flash and HTML applications compatibility, multi touch capacity display, dual camera made it most famous gadget of this year. Price starts from Rs.28000.

Apple IPhone 4S

Apple Iphone 4S

Apple IPhone 4S which is the last gadget released by late Steve Jobs. 2x Speed than Apple Iphone 4, CDMA, GSM availability, 8MP camera, long battery and the death of Steve Jobs made it most popular gadget. 16 GB device available at Rs.31,000, 32 GB is available at Rs.36,000 and 64 GB available at Rs.41,000 Price.

Apple Ipad 2

Most Popular Gadgets of the year 2011

Small, thin, less waight , attractive, speed if you are searching all these in one gadget go for Apple Ipad 2. This is also the hittest gadget of this year. Price tag is around Rs.31000.

If you liked any other gadgets do share your thoughts in comments.

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