3 steps to create Pivot Tables in Google Spreadsheets

Google spreadsheets are now more strengthened with Pivot Tables. Pivot tables are dynamic tables which provides easy way to analyze spreadsheets without using any formula. Who regularly works with spreadsheets knows very well about Pivot Tables. But for new users i will explain with example. Let us assume Students information with Name, Class, Section, Maths Marks, Science Marks, Social Marks is maintained in the Spreadsheet. School Management wants to know the Maximum marks in Maths, Minimum marks in Science and Average Marks in Social in class wise and section wise. Normally with formulas, filters and subtotals it will take more time to do this. But using Pivot Tables it can be done easily.

How to create Pivot Tables in Google  Spreadsheets

Students data in Google Spreadsheet

Three Steps to create Pivot Tables at Google Cloud

  1. Select the Data and click on Main Menu -> Data -> Pivot Table Report.
  2. Window with Title What data? shows the data range. Click on OK. Another sheet for Pivot Table will be created. Window with title Report Editor is available to create/maintain pivot table. Four categories namely Rows, Columns, Values and Filter are available in Report Editor Window.
  3. Click on Add field at Rows category and select Class. Then click on Add field at Columns category and select Section. Then click on Add field at Values category and select Maths. We want maximum Maths marks. So click on default SUM and select MAX. Same way Add fields Science and Social and select MIN and AVERAGE respectively.
How to create Pivot Tables in Google Spreadsheets

Pivot Table Output

Now the Pivot Table is ready for analysis. Read 18 tips about Google Documents and Spreadsheets to work with more efficiently.

We hope you’ll enjoy exploring pivot tables in Google spreadsheets and that they’ll save you time analyzing your data. — Matt Ziegelbaum, Software Engineer,Google

Video tutorial on Google Pivot Tables

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