18 Useful Tips to work with Google Spreadsheets and Pivot Tables more effectively

Google Documents popularity is increasing day by day. Now it is the time to work at Google Cloud. Document created at Google Documents can be accessed from any place , any time. It enables sharing to friends and required persons easily. Simply it requires only Internet connection everything else is free and easy.

Tips on How to work with Google docs and spreadsheets

I.Creating new Google Document

1.Creating and maintaining google spreadsheets is easy. Just enter into www.docs.google.com with your existing gmail user name.

2.For creating new spreadsheet just click on create and select spreadsheet. Blank spreadsheet is displayed. You can click on Save now button to save the spreadsheet. First time it prompts for file name.
tips on How  to work with Google docs and spreadsheets

II.Uploading or importing new Google Document into google cloud

3.You can upload any type file just by clicking upload button. If you select file directly file will be uploaded. If you select basic you can even drag and drop the files at the space provided. Through this basic option Documents, presentations, spreadsheets, drawings can be convert to google doc format. You can also convert to PDF format also.

4.You can also upload (import) spreadsheets with already opened spreadsheet. Goto File -> Open (Ctrl + o). or File ->Import. By this method you can Create new spreadsheet, Insert new sheet(s), Replace spreadsheet, Replace current sheet, Append rows to current sheet, Replace data starting at selected cell.

5.Uploading entire folder is only possible with Google Chrome Browser. Install applet for uploading folder with Google Chrome browser.

6.By default 1024 MB (1 GB) storage space is available per user. you can upgrade it any google by purchasing google docs storage package starting from 20 GB for 5 Dollors.

III.Renaming Google spreadsheet

7.Any time you can change your spreadsheet name just by clicking on the name of your spreadsheet displayed just above the main menu.

IV.Sharing the Google spreadsheet

8.Your spreadsheet can be shared with your friends easily. Just by clicking on Share button located at top right corner. Three types of Sharing options are available for Google Spreadsheets.
Tips on Google spreadsheets permissions
1. Private By default Private option is enabled. Spreadsheet shared with Private option can be shared by only gmail users who are added through Add
. For this sign in is must required. Mail notification can be send to all gmail users just by clicking on Send email notifications (recommended) check box. Enabling Send a copy to myself will send the message to the owner. Personal message can also be added at the box located below. Click on share button after addition of all users.

Three types of permissions 1.Is owner 2. Can edit 3. Can view can be given to the users.

2.Public on the web: Choosing this option enables anyone on internet to access the document. No Google Sign-in is required.

3.Anyone with the link: With this type of option any one who has the link can only view the document. For this also No Google sign-in is required.

9.Documents with all the above three types of permissions are published on web.

V. Working with Pivot Tables of Google Docs

11. Google Pivot Tables can be created with Three simple steps.

12.By default update Pivot table on each change radio button is selected in Report Editor Window. This enables immediate changes in Pivot Table. If you want to make all changes take effect when you wish, select the radio button Manually. Click on Update Table when you want to changes take effect.

13.If you unable to see Report Editor window, see whether you may clicked your mouse beyond the pivot table area. Click on the Pivot Table to see the Report Editor Window.

tips on How  to work with Google docs and spreadsheets Report Editor

14.Simply click on X mark to close the fields in any category. You can also drag the fields to your desired place.

15.Filter Category helps you to filter the report by any column. For this simply click on Add field at Filter category and select the field you want to filter. Then select the rows you want to display.

16.You cannot edit any thing in the Pivot Table Area. If you want to Add your own heading to Pivot Table, then insert rows and Write your own title.

17.Pivot table values will be refreshed automatically when the data changed. If your connection is slow it may take some time, refresh to reflect data changes.

18.User cannot add same fields in Rows and Columns Categories of Pivot Tables. Wrong calculations may occur.

You can remove your microsoft excel password with google spreadsheets.

These simple tips helps almost all types of users to work with Google Documents effectively, which covers almost everything about Google Documents.

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