New Mobile gadget look to igoogle Gmail Gadget

Good news for users who are using Google Chrome and Safari browsers (web kit compatible browsers). Google launched new mobile gadget like looking iGadget Gmail gadget. As you know igoogle personalise your google home page as you like, provides all the gadgets which you think useful at one place.

This new Google gadget is similar to mobile experience. It is fast, looks good in small spaces, and includes popular features like search and labeling. Since to cover minimum space in igoogle by default it looks in minimized mode as shown in the below figure.

New Mobile gadget look to igoogle Gmail Gadget(before)

As you expand (maximise) it looks like the following figure. Two pane view will be displayed. You can try new igoogle gmail gadget.

New Mobile gadget look to igoogle Gmail Gadget(after)

We’ll be rolling out the new Gmail gadget over the next couple weeks. If you’re already using the gadget, it will update automatically.
David Yonge-Mallo, Software Engineer, Gmail.

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