What is Google reader, How to use Google reader effectively

What is Google Reader..?

Google reader is a web application of Google, which is useful to read the contents of any web site or blog at one place in online or offline. That means reader need not to browse each and every website to read the updated content. To read the content through Google Reader that website or blog must contain feed.

What is Google Reader, how to use google reader effectively

What is Feed..?

Feed enables software programs to check and read the updated content of the site. Feed may be headlines, full-text articles, excerpts, summaries, and/or links to content on a website. There are two types of Feeds available. Atom and RSS Feed are most popularly used feeds.

How to Use Google Reader..?

To use Google Reader user need not to install any software. Google Account is enough to access google reader. Simply go to Google Reader to read the contents. User need to make subscription to read the content of any website / blog.

How to Subscribe for any blog or website to read in Google Reader..?

Click on Add subscription button. Then enter the website / blog name and click on Add button. For example enter www.stepsandtips.com if you want to subscribe for this blog to read latest steps and tips updates without opening the blog.

Google Reader - Subscription box

How to Organize related blogs/ websites in Folder or Category wise in Google Reader..?

Click on any subscription available in left side pane. Click on Feed Settings on top right side corner. Menu will appear as shown in figure. Click on New Folder to create the seperate folder.

Google reader right click menu

Tip: Simply drag and drop to move the feeds from one folder to another folder.

How to share your Folders as bundles to your friends in Google Reader..?

Click on any folder available in left side pane. Click on Feed Settings on top right side corner. Menu will appear. Click on New Bundle. In this example i am creating Technology bundle for my Technology folder which contains all technology related blogs. Add or remove as you want and click on save as shown in the figure.

Google Reader - Share folder as bundle

As you save your bundle. You can see all the bundles at one place. You can Mail (click on Email), share a link (click on Add a link) to share your favorite feeds to your friends.

Tip: Number of posts unread are available in bracket after every blog, folder.

How to view the contents of website / blog as a slide show in Google Reader..?

Click on Feed Settings on top right side corner. Then Click on View in Reader play to watch the contents as slide show.

Google reader for Android

Mobile interface for google reader is also released for Android. The application supports multiple accounts, synchronizes your subscriptions and works offline. It also lets you search your feeds — a feature that’s inexplicably missing from the mobile web app.
google reader for android
Google Reader for Android uses infinite scrolling, has bigger touch areas, it integrates with the operating system’s “send to” actions and has a neat trick in the settings that lets you navigate between articles using your phone’s volume keys.

Google Reader Keyboard Short cuts

Keyboard shortcuts helps to work fast with google reader. You can get the Google Reader Keyboard shortcuts here.

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