How to use Dlink USB Data Modem or Card for 2G/3G Internet [guide]

Insert your SIM Card in USB Data Card and insert Data card into your Computer’s USB Drive. If you are putting first time automatically Dlink Connection Manager installs in your Computer. You just need to go through the installation setup wizard.

Data Card Usage Main Menu(Home)

Main Menu

Ensure that Signal strength, operator name is displaying properly at status bar of Dlink connection manager.

How to connect Internet

Click on Options (last but one) on the Main Menu of Dlink Connection Manager. Then click on Profile Management (left side). Then click on Import (bottom right). Now select the operator and area of SIM you are inserted in your Data Card. You can select existing profiles for Aircel, Airtel, BSNL, Idea, MTS, Reliance Vodaphone, Tata Docomo, Uninor etc. click on OK. Now select the Profile Name and click on set as default.

How to use 3g / 2g Data Card Usage

Now click on Connection (first one) from the Main Menu. and then click on Connect Button. If connection is successfully established Disconnect button will be shown. Also you can see the upload and download speed.

Send SMS from Data Card
Select SMS (second one) from the main menu Dlink Connection Manager. You can send / receive SMSs from here very easily.

Maintain Contacts
You can also maintain Contacts through data card. All the contacts will be stored in your SIM card.

Data usage history
Data usage History can be shown by clicking on History (4th one) on Main menu.

More or less usage of any USB Data card remains same. If you still find any problems call to customer care executive of your SIM Operator for better assistance.

I have tried Tata Docomo 2G Plan, Rs.95 for 4GB/30 days validity. It is working fine giving upto 20 kbps (avg). Uninor offering 2G data plans starting from Rs.9. I was unable to connect through Uninor customer care executive answered that they support only through mobiles but not for 2G data cards. Share your Data Card experiences here, so that it can be helpful for all.

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  1. Rakesh C K says:

    I am from Bangalore. Yesterday I bought D-Link 3G USB Adapter(Model No:DWM-156) and I recharged DoCoMo for 2G .After that I tried to connect through D-Link connection Manager but its not connecting and also the entire system will be stuck. Then I contacted D-Link executive, as per his direction I did the settings, but same result .While using D-Link, three times I forced to shut down my lap top as there was no other way for me. Please give me one solution for the same . I tired with access no:**99***1# but its does not work :(. I had seen your settings documents. As per the documents i did the settings,after that when i press the “Connect ” button the entire system will stuck :(

    I am expecting for your reply………..

    1. Vaishali says:

      Rakesh virus effected systems or low configuration systems may struck. If you doesn’t have these problems, once unstall Dlink software and again install and try to use USB Extender and place data card in full signal receiving mode.

  2. Musharraf ansari says:

    Rakesh i think that you tried to manual setting for configure your usb modem like that ..
    For Tata docomo …For acces point type– ” TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNET” and access number is *99# or *99**1*1#
    For Airtel Acces point — airtelgprs.com and oter thing same as avobe
    For Idea AP — internet and same as avobe

  3. shubham says:

    I am from dhanbad ( JHARKHAND)
    day before yesturday i bought d link 3.75g usb adaptor.and i recharged uninor 2g plan..and i was getting very low speed in downloading 3 to 10 kbps…i was not expecting this what is happening wth me. plz give me some solution for th same as i have mentioned……………

  4. adish says:

    I am from kerala(calicut).I have same problem of stuck pc some time(1 or 2 times in day) when using Dlink datacard.When I getting this problem restart my pc using button.I don’t consider it is the effect of virus because I installed windows 7 OS as fresh,My system already contain xp,this problem effect on xp &7 and I getting internet sometimes….

    Also I don’t get 3g range before set 2g network type.For getting 3g range I must set 2g network type and after getting 2g range then I set 3g network type.I using idea 3g connection..
    plz help me solving these problem..

  5. muthu says:

    i want more speed my modem hig speed 4.5kbbs very low speed and use for airtel sim please help me 8012325551

  6. Bala says:

    Hi i am bala from tamil nadu (kumbakonam) i want more speed in my modem i using airtel plz help me

  7. krish says:

    am krish… i want to find tha balance… am using airtel… help yaar

  8. daksh verma says:

    when i connect my d link data card with our laptop goes hang after connecting data card.
    what we do for solved this problem

    1. sri says:

      ^ daksh verma

      you update the drivers for your datacard and also update your system driver for network interface…

      good luck

  9. Firoz Ahmad says:

    Hi Guys,
    If you want to purchage airtel datacard then don’t purchage b’coz it’s worst network in banglore.

  10. Melissa Rodriguez says:

    hii…i waanna know whether we can use the same sim card which we use in mobiles ??…or do we need to get other sim card from the server ??
    please reply …

    1. Vaishali says:

      Melissa Rodriguez,
      You should use same sim card which you use in mobiles.

  11. Yash says:

    hello friends i hav brought dlnk data card i am using idea 3g sim in it gave medownload sped upto 350 kbps but second dY IT IS SHOWING ME ONLY 15 KBPS PLEASE HELP

  12. chirag says:

    hi i am chirag , i have bought D-Link DSL-2750U Wireless N ADSL2+ 4-Port Wi-Fi Router and i want to connect internet through ,data card , is it possible to connect ???
    ,If it is than which company Data card it will support ??? pls solve this problem

  13. mounica says:


  14. P.K. says:

    Hi, i ‘ve bought new D-Link data card and its working with bsnl and other networks 2g sim with 3g settings and tower, but not responding for BSNL 3G sim… Wat to do…? pls help me…

  15. Shakir says:

    i have purchased D-Link DWM-156 3.75G HSUPA USB Adapter.
    I am using RELIANCE sim 2G plan. Its giving me just 10 kbps – 20 kbps. I tried a lot to increase the speed but couldn’t.

    Can any1 help me out???


  16. Rajesh says:

    I bought a dlink data card with aircel sim card.. Now it just remains struck showing that ” network searching…” pls help me with good reply

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