Safety Precautions and tips for your Cell phone Battery, Chargers

Now a days we are observing many incidents, while using cellphones which are proving to be very dangerous for the one’s lives. No one expects Cellphones and its batteries becomes the reasons for accidents.

Some one’s mobile blasted in his pocket causes serious injuries to him. Some one killed in mobile blast while he is talking in phone while charging, One House wife unexpectedly lost her life while putting the cellphone chargers in socket. These are news we regularly listening these days.

Experts suggesting some interesting and important tips and precautions regarding mobile phones, chargers and batteries which should be known to every one.

Many people purchasing China Mobiles due to its attractive price and look. But due to the Cheap batteries using in China mobiles accident rates are increasing. Many incidents occurred with China Mobiles. So be aware. Purchase only recognised branded mobiles.

Always purchase original batteries for your mobile. Don’t purchase duplicate batteries which are available at low cost. No Manufacturing precautions will be taken for duplicate batteries. So it may leads to dangerous situations.

Low quality chargers also one of the reason of mobile blast. Always try to purchase good quality chargers.

Cellphones batteries (lithium ion) are powerful than torchlight, remote control (Alcoleen AA, AAA) batteries. Don’t play with this batteries. Don’t touch batteries charging points with ornaments.

Don’t put your cell phones at high temperature places like stoves, heaters, etc.

Don’t destroy batteries with your own hands. Breaking with stones, throwing in fire may be harmful. Many reputed Phone companies and showrooms arranging special bins for waste scrap phones, batteries, chargers and other mobile accessories. Throw phone wastage at this bins only.

Don’t put directly in charging when you are phone unfortunately drops in water. First make it dry, don’t put in exposed to sun rays. If it is still wet, go to recognised service centers, they will clean and make dry with chemicals.

Don’t make too much over charging. It decreases your cellphone batteries life. Over charging leads to wastage of power. Some times overheat can leads to blast.

Make it scrap when your phone battery size abnormally increases. Reason for this is over charging. Over charging makes changes lithium ion batteries cathods. Cobolt oxide forms in cathods and so increasing of size.

So be aware with your mobile battery, charger. Share all these precautions with your friends and loved ones, avoid unwanted and unexpected accidents with mobiles.

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