Steps and Tips to be remembered while using VLookUp function of MS Excel

VLookup is very easy and useful of function MS Excel. It can provide solutions for many types of complex operations in Excel easily. But many excel users feels that VLookup is complex. But if you read this VLookup Example and the following precautions you will say that VLookup is not a complex function.

VLookup Precautions

VLookup Precautions

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First parameter of the VLookup function plays an important role. This value can be taken from single column range or multiple column range. If it is multiple column range, make sure that this value (Lookup value) must be the first column of the range.

First Parameter value searches first column in the given range. So in searching range searchable column must be the first and left most Column in the range (or table array).

Look up values column should be unique.

If Lookup value in the searching range is non unique first matching row will be displayed, if another row exists with the same look up value, this row will not be considered.

It is better to Sort before performing VLookup Operation. If same value exists it can be easily recognised.

Lookup value and the first column in the range must contain the same data type, if not inaccurate results may be displayed. To change the data type select the range , right click select format cells and then select the data type in Number Tab.

While copying the VLookup formula make sure that range is not changing. Generally while copying any formula reference will be changed. To prevent changing use $ symbol in the range.

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