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Now a days Netbooks are more popular because of their small Diary size and long battery backup. Netbooks satisfying the users who want to work little more outside besides their offices and homes. Some people may think Netbooks are alternatives for Laptops and PCs. But due to the limitations of Netbooks compared to Laptops Netbooks are not an alternatives of Laptops.

Some people calls Netbooks as Mini Laptops or Notebooks, but experts suggests to call these as Netbooks.

People works hours together in their offices and homes with their computers. But they don’t like to work with their CAD designs, high graphic applications , like editing photos, videos in public places and journeys. Only they prefer to access internet, check their important mails, browse some websites, and to work with small applications like Presentations, spreadsheets and word. Netbooks made for this purpose only.

If you are planning to purchase Netbook, knowing more information helps you to buy a best one. So Read the following Articles to know everything about Netbooks.

Major Differences among Laptops, PCs and Netbooks

Netbook Brands available in the Market and Price Ranges of Netbooks

Netbooks Partitions Management Tips

Netbooks Battery Backup Tips

Primary and Secondary Memory Capacity in Netbooks

Netbooks limitations & tips for efficient usage

Processors and components available with Netbook

Netbook Screens selection Tips

Netbook Screen sizes and Resolutions available in the Market

Netbooks Designs,Colors and Skins for great look

I Hope this information is helpful for you when you are plan for new Netbook. Reply your opinions through comments. All the best for your new Netbook. Bi.

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