Netbooks Battery Backup Tips

Big reason behind the success of Netbooks, is its battery backup. Battery Backup varies on models of Netbooks. Most Netbooks gives upto 3 Hours of battery backup. Some Netbooks also giving upto 6 Hours.

Actually Laptops contains 6-cells Lithium ion Battery. Where as Netbook contains only 3-Cells Lithium ion Battery. Some Netbooks contains upto 6 -cells battery backup also. Due to its small Screen, less processing power even though power cells are low comparing to Laptop Battery Backup of Netbooks are high.

Battery Backup depends upon the mAh.mAh means milliamp hour. mAh measures the power storable in the battery. mAh with high value gives more battery backup.

So always try to purchase a netbooks with high mAh batteries.

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