Netbooks Primary and Secondary Memory Capacity

RAM (Primary Memory) in Netbooks

1-2 GB Memory is available in almost all types of Netbooks. MSI Wind12 U230 contains upto 4GB of Memory. Try to purchase the Netbook which can be upgradable. But upgradation may downs battery backup

Hard Disks (Secondary Memory)  in Netbooks

Two types of Hard Disks are available in Netbooks

1.SSD(Solid State Drives) 2.SATA Hard Disks.

1.SSD(Solid State Drives): SSD Drives technology is Flash Memory technology. Speed of Booting and Data Moving is Fast in SSD Drives. Costs of SSD Drives are more comparing to SATA Hard Disks. Cost will increase as the Memory size increases. So most netbooks contains upto 4GB of SSD.

2.SATA Hard Disks: SATA Hard Disks cost and rates are low compared to SSD.Netbooks are available in 64GB,80GB,120GB,240GB,320GB storage capacities.

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