SIMRAN.IN – Indian Railways Real Time Train Tracking System using GPS

Generally when we are on railway platform waiting for a train, we are very eager to know about the current location and expected time of arrival of Train. Now, for this we completely depending on announcements and enquiry staff. If Railways Real Time Tracking System (Project SIMRAN) is rolled out we can know the exact location of train with in seconds. Yes this is 100% correct information and very soon it is going to be true.

A Web based Real Time Railways tracking system Developed by IIT Kanpur and RDSO (Research Designs and Standards Organization), Lucknow is in testing phase. This Project uses GPS (Global Positioning System) to locate the train.

How can to get the current train status

Simply go to www.simran.in to know the detailed updates of 12 trains in Ten Indian Languages with time speed and colorful legends. You can also send SMS to 09415139139 Train Number.

12 Trains presently available at SIMRAN

12003 Lucknow-New Delhi Shatabdhi
12004 New Delhi – Lucknow Shatabdhi
12301 Howrah-New Delhi Rajadhani
12302 N.Delhi-Howrah Rajadhani
12305 Howrah-N Delhi Rajadhani
12306 N.Delhi-Howrah Rajadhani
12313 Sealdah-New Delhi Rajadhani
12314 N Delhi-Sealdah Rajadhani
12951 Mumbai-New Delhi Rajadhani
12952 N Delhi-Mumbai Rajadhani
12953 Mumbai-Nizamuddin A K Rajadhani
12954 Nizamuddin-Mumbai A K Rajadhani

10 Indian Languages supported by SIMRAN

1.Hindi 2. Marathi 3.Bengali 4.Gujarati 5.Kannada 6.Malayalam 7.Telugu 8.Panjabi 9.Oriya 10.Tamil

As soon as this Pilot Project is successfully tested, it will be implented gradually for all trains. Surely it will be most helpful for lakhs of Passengers travelling daily in thousands of trains.

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