3 steps to create Pivot Tables in Google Spreadsheets

Google spreadsheets are now more strengthened with Pivot Tables. Pivot tables are dynamic tables which provides easy way to analyze spreadsheets without using any formula. Who regularly works with spreadsheets knows very well about Pivot Tables. But for new users i will explain with example. Let us assume Students information with Name, Class, Section, Maths Marks, Science Marks, Social Marks is maintained in the Spreadsheet. School Management wants to know the Maximum marks in Maths, Minimum marks in Science and Average Marks in Social in class wise and section wise. Normally with formulas, filters and subtotals it will take more time to do this. But using Pivot Tables it can be done easily.

How to create Pivot Tables in Google  Spreadsheets

Students data in Google Spreadsheet

Three Steps to create Pivot Tables at Google Cloud

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How to get the Command Prompt in restricted Computers

Do you want to use command prompt in your office to work with Dos Commands..? of course it is easy if there is not any restrictions in your working computer. But in some computers Command prompt may not be available due to security restrictions, or virus problems. Just use this simple tip to get the command prompt.

Two Simple steps to get the Command prompt

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Prayaya V3 – Free Portable Operating System on Your Pen Drive

Download Free Operating System Prayaya V3 to carry your favorite applications installed along with operating system in USB Data Device. Put your Flash Drive at any system you want and work with your already installed applications.

Prayaya V3 is very useful in situations like, suppose if you are away from your computer and want to work with all the applications which are installed in your system. Or else if you are working with public sharing systems at internet cafes, just use your own Browser for your browsing and all the history and every thing will be stored in your Pen Drive. No need to worry about your privacy at outside. Or Otherwise if you want to work with the system, only which have your favorite wall papers and themes installed. Still there are many situations where this Virtual Operating system is very useful. Just carry your USB Data Device, Ipod, External Hard Disk etc.. with you and forget about your inconveniences when you are away from your system.

Best useful features of Prayaya V3

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Netbook Screen sizes and Resolutions available in the Market

Netbooks available in various screen sizes starting from 7 inches. 7 Inches Netbook supports upto 800X480 pixels resolution.

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Netbook Screens selection Tips | Matte screen Vs Glassy Screen

Netbooks are available with Matte and Glossy Screens. It is better to select Matte Screens, instead of selecting Glossy screens.

Matte Screen

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Netbooks Configuration |Processors and Components available with Netbooks

Since, Netbooks are mainly designed to work at outside places. It needs more battery backup to work at outside. High level Processors consumes more power, so it requires more battery. Most Netbooks Processors contains low clock speed processors, which consumes less power. Intel Atom, AMD Athlon Neo Processors are used mostly in Netbooks.

Configuration available with Most Netbooks

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