How to become a Crorepati in 15 Years..?

Do you want to become a crorepathi (millionaire), in 15 years. Don’t think that it is not possible .. It is possible, that too with affordable investments. You need a Kickstart Capital of Rs. 3,00,000/- and Monthly Investment of Rs.12,500/- for Duration of 15 Years on expected rate of return @ 15 % per annum.

Crorepathi in 15 years

At the end of 15th Year for your total Investment Rs.25,50,000/-Corpus accumulated would be Rs.1,00,56,475/-

Above calculation is based on simple math. But, the crux is to find out which financial instruments can give you 15% return per annum consistently for 15 long years……. let us see some options..

Financial Instrument and Rate of Return per annum

1) Debt instruments: – which yields 7-8% return per annum
2) Balanced instruments: – which yields 9-12% return per annum
3) Equity instruments – which can yield upto 15% return per annum

It is to be remembered that all the equity instruments cannot yield 15% return per annum that tooo for such a long term…..then, How to identify which equity can gain upto 15% return..?

Equity instruments comprises mainly of two types

1) Shares of the companies
2) Mutual funds

Shares of the companies – Only experts can handle it? for small mistakes large compensation need to pay.
The other option left out is Mutual Funds

As the mutual funds are already handled by the experts and history of the fund is available it is sure that if we pick up consistently performing mutual funds making out 15% per annum is not a big deal…….

Stay tuned, to know more about investing methods analysis to reach your crorepati dream.

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