How to improve your financial status

Arach angel Arial

The goddess of Prosperity

Aaatma Namaste for one and all,

Its is good to know how to improve the financial status for everyone in this world. Please just think for a while why the 99% of the property is hold by the 1 % of the world population? Is it that they are more capable of handling them? Is there any other reason?

O.K. Lets  assume that some one had given a billion dollors on the way to home from office. Are we capable of handling them to the home? Is it possible for us to reach home without any stress, fear or any damage for the physical body and also our brain?  ( Even the multi billionaires never handle the such cash directly).  Here is the answer when you are capable of handling the situation you are been directed to the situation. That means you need to get the eligibility to handle the situation. Ask for the eleigibility to whom?  To the one who is capable of granting the eligibility. He is no other than the SUPREME GOD. Be faith on him and show the GRATITUDE AND REVERENCE for all those he had granted till date and visualise what you are in need of. Visualise the happiness you will be feeling when you had granted the wish. Feel the same feeling when ever you had the thought of the wish. There is a saying by our forefathers that THOUGHT FOLLOWS THE ENERGY. Whatever you think you are energising that particular thought. Can you imagine how many thought at an average a human is having in a day? Just guess. Yeah its beyond we get as much as 60,000 (sixty thousand) thoughts per day. Its  you who is more powerful than the thought itself. Be the king of the thoughts and in control of the thought.

We can even have positive affirmations such as :

I am ready to choose Prosperity

I am ready to welcome Prosperity

I am ready to celebrate Prosperity

I love the idea of Prosperity

I choose to be Prosperous

I choose to be wildly Prosperous

I choose to be passionate about creating Prosperity

The power to create Prosperity is mine

I am capable of creating unlimited Prosperity

I have always had the power of Prosperity within me

I open and allow Prosperity into my life right here right now

I invite Prosperity into my life right here right now

I am deserving of Prosperity in my life right here right now

I am so very grateful for the ability to be Prosperous and create Prosperity

Note: Just visualise what the  thought you require (the good thought not the one which hurts you or others) and have a strong affirmation within you. You are the one who can decide  your destiny

with warm regards to Mahender

Naarayana Rao DV

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