Insurance Premium Amount saving Tips

How to Save Premium amount of your Insurance policy..? whether it may be Life Insurance Corporation Policy (LIC), ICICI, TATA, Bajaj or anything. It is some what interesting for most who regulary pay their policy premium.
Insurance Premium saving tips

Simple Steps and Tips to save your Premium Amount

1.If your are paying your policy premium monthly, quarterly or Half yearly convert it to yearly (once in year). First time it may be huge amount. But by opting this your premium amount will be reduced.

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2.Then, Divide your premium amount into 12 parts for each month. Invest this amount properly. You can invest this in Short term chits, Recurring Deposits or any other schemes. by this you earn some interest on your investment.

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By implementing these two options you can save some amount. I am doing this, if you have any other idea don’t forget to share it in comments.

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