What happens if your PPF contributions are discontinued to pay

As you know Minimum Rs.500 should be paid towards your contribution of PPF Account every year. If you are not able to pay your subscription your PPF Account will be deactivated and goes into dormat.

How to reactivate your PPF Account

How to revive (reactivate) your deactivated PPF Account .?

To revive or reactivate your PPF Account. First you need to check, how many years you are not paid your subscriptions. You need to pay Rs.500 for every year contribution and Rs.50 as penalty. For example if you are failed to contribute two years you need to pay Rs.1000 (Rs.500*2) as two years contribution and Rs.100 (Rs.50*2) as a penalty for two years.

If your PPF Account is matured in the deactivated condition. You lose the opportunity of extending your PPF Account. However if you pay your minimum subscription along with penalty you will get your maturity amount.

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