How to know if the Other Person talking to you is saying Truth or not?

How true you are in Conversation……

It is of very interesting fact that when you start your conversation may be with your friends, your partner, your family members, Boss or Colleagues you might be wondering if the other person talking to you is speaking the truth or not? Is listening to you or not?

There is a scientifically proven fact which helps you to figure out in analyzing the truth.

More than 90% accurate results in analyzing the other person feelings.

Want to know how?

You know your eye contact makes the difference in the conversation.

Don’t believe it…then observe while speaking with others…

1) Observe the eye contact when you are speaking with the other person.

2) If you are speaking the truth you will maintain direct eye contact.

3) I don’t mean direct into others eye ball…it is eye to eye straight contact.

So is the case with the other person those who speak honestly many times look directly into your eyes.

I know what you might be thinking what if the other person is Shying?

Find it with your “My Experiments with Truth” eye contact theory.

This is just initial article regarding awareness of importance of eye contact. But there is lot more to know about eye contact to predict “What the other person is not speaking to you but feeling inside”.

To know more exactly about how to analyze the person, talking to you is not lying? If questions asked is he/she telling what really happened or telling some stories?

What exactly is there in his/her mind and to know even if he/she is listening to you? Why you need to believe this eye contact theory in detail….No these facts are not introduced by me they are theories …….For all these

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  1. Ankit@techpil says:

    I came her searching for Lie detector kind of stuff!
    But liked the article!

  2. Narayan says:

    Thank you for your Comment.You can check my article” How to analyze a person in minutes simply by observing his eyeball movements” which may also interest you .

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