Jealous..?How it Effects our Life..?Will it really stops growth..?

Jealousy in  other words feeling hated or irritated when someone else is more blessed.Its a common feeling for any one but how is it effective in our life .If some one is jealous about you how it effects?

Our subconscious mind is so powerful and doesn’t know actually what is good and what is bad it just counts the feelings and your reaction for something .If you are continuously feeling happy for some thing it understands you like it and it will try to achieve it for you .If you continuously hate some thing it will understand that you do not need it so you hate it.

Here is one simple example:

If some one say ‘Mr.  X ‘ is jealous about ‘Mr. Y’ money ,Mr. X mind understands that Mr. X does not like money so it will close all the thoughts with which Mr. X can make   and earn  more money as it understands only reactions.Instead if Mr. X feels happy and appreciates Y for his more money then all his senses sends message to his subconscious mind that ‘X’ love MONEY.Then X’s mind understands that X loves more money and responds when there are really good chances of getting more money.


Its not only about money, may be health wealth, beauty ,Love or prosperity. Whatever you want in your life just appreciate it and accept it and welcome it with all your senses and make your mind realize how much you love it in your life and let your mind act for bringing it for you.

So appreciation and  feel good attitude makes you more happy .

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