Quotable Quotations on Time Management

Time is the most precious commodity of all. It is money. Time is capital for many.
Some people waste their time without doing anything or doing a waste job. Still they say that they don’t have time to do work. The people who work consistently and are time conscious say time is not enough. See the difference. Our most valuable asset is not the bank balance or the bungalow we live. It is time.

Quotations on Time Management

Great Philosophers expressed their views about Time Management which can change the life of any one if followed. Those views are the quotations motivates us forever.

We find few memorable lines written about time in the Business Handbook by Dexter R. Yager Sr.

Take time to live

It is one secret of success

Take time to think

It is the source of power

Take time to play

It is the secret of youth

Take time to read

It is the foundation of knowledge

Take time for friendship

It is the source of happiness

Take time to laugh

It helps lift life’s load

Take time to dream

It hitches the soul to the stars

Take time to worship

It is the highway to reverence

Take time to pray

It helps bring God near

And washes the dust of earth from our eyes.

— Dexter R. Yager Sr.

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David Hume has said about time very nicely. He says..

Man’s time, when well husbanded, is like a cultivated field of which a few acres produces more of what is useful to life than extensive provinces, even of the richest soil when over run with weeds and brambles.
- – David Hume.

Quotations on Time Management

Peter F. Drucker in his book, the Effective Executive has said that ..

Time management is a big problem for everyone. Those who have become truly successful in their work have not started to do anything from their work, they have utilized the available time efficiently and thus they have succeeded. Time and tide wait for none. Before time is lost we should work, or otherwise time is spent as money is spent. Time never waits for any body. Time lost is never gained. It is like broken pearl. We need time to do anything.
–Peter F. Drucker

Every one’s life is time bound. Under heaven for everything there is one fixed time and again a time for each goal.

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