Republic Day – Right day to start new Resolutions

When it is New year day we come up with many resolutions to improve our personal life. But when we should take resolutions towards the improvement of our nation..? I think it is Republic Day. Why because it is the same month, on which many people start new things. Not only that from this day onwards we are started implementing our constitution.

Starting new resolutions for country means we need to join army, need not to be a politician or need not to be a social servant. Just simple cross checking is more than enough to serve our country.

Philosophers says Simple things conveys everything about yourself. Please observe the following simple five questions and check how much you are involving your Country’s development. If your(soul) answer is No for atleast one question, then you should try honestly to answer Yes for atleast next year.

1.Are you Voting or Not..(if you are above 18)?
2.Do you respect your Mother tongue..?
3.You will never perform Footboard journey, because it cause inconvenience to others..?
4.Are you a regular Tax payer..(if comes in tax bracket)?
5.Do you always try to keep your premises clean..?

If you answer Yes to all these questions. You are involving in your Nations Development Keep it up. If your answer is No for atleast one question. You are honest. Start a new resolution from today itself for your Nation to answer ‘Ýes’ for those questions. Thank You.

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