Secret behind Palmistry: Can simple lines on your palms define your future?

Palmistry we are uncertain about its theory whether to believe it or not…but I have a very good concept which drive me to read and know about facts about Palmistry. You know why Palmistry is famous and is proved to be right? If you don’t believe Palmistry this article is especially dedicated to you only. If you believe Palmistry know the facts from this article. You know the great saying ‘You are What You Think’ .Yes, the way you think is the way you are choosing your life to be .How? Here I must say few things about your mind power and how it works?

Have you ever felt like you have some times 6th sense that reminds you & helps you in some or all the things you do. Our mind is so powerful that you can achieve anything in this world .Want to know how powerful your mind is:

Here is an Example:

       A person is asked to drive from home to Office as usual and after reaching the office he is hypnotized to activate his subconscious mind and asked him about “How many Electrical Poles and trees were there in his driving way?. As a normal person we won’t pay attention on these things especially when you drive. But when he is asked this question after activating subconscious mind he gave the answer as 28 Electric poles and 15 trees and everyone else was speechless after knowing that there were exactly the same figure of trees and poles on that way. Even the person who was hypnotized was astonished after knowing this. He said he was unaware of these things, he never paid attention on those poles or trees .It is because ,our mind which we use consciously uses temporary memory which stores only that information which we ask it to store .But the subconscious mind stores every information irrespective of relevance. And you know our dreams are part of this subconscious memory only.

This subconscious memory is so powerful that whatever you feed in it you will achieve it irrespective of what you feed Good or Bad Right or wrong any thing in this World it will achieve for you just like a sincere servant obeys his boss orders and does the same to satisfy his boss irrespective of the work given to him our subconscious mind acts like an obedient servant to our instructions and gets you what you want.

Don’t Believe let me give one example to you:

Say, you are preparing for the exam and you instructed your subconscious mind to get 100 out of 100 marks in mathematics exam. So, how you’re subconscious achieves this goal? After passing this instruction to your subconscious mind, you start your daily routine. Your subconscious mind starts working now, and makes you restless until you are completely prepared to get 100 by making you feel less interest or irritated when you try to waste on other activities without preparing for exams. Though, it is your regular activity to watch movie, TV or playing a game .It makes you feel uncomfortable when you are paying more attention to other activities and gives happiness only in preparing for the exam .It is so obvious that you get 100.

This is just to give the intro about Subconscious mind to know more about it, how to make use of subconscious mind to be powerful, Successful and a Winner you can find them in my coming articles.

Coming to our Palmistry, you might know that we behave the way we think in our mind.

Our body language, Gestures and everything is the way we think in our mind. So, based on these movements of hands right from the childhood lines will be formed on the palm according to the subconscious mind thinking power. So, based on this formation I feel that some theory has been developed that if the line is in this direction result will be like this and that is called Palmistry our ancient people are so great that they developed so much technology at that time only. Few say that ‘God is No Where’ and few believe that ‘God is NoW here’…. Think different think Positive Life is yours.

This article is purely my assumption from the little knowledge I gained from Palmistry, subconscious mind etc.

Palmistry or Astrology what ever it may be, your belief which actives your power of subconscious is the reason behind the miracles. Whatever your fate is, it can be changed completely .Only you can change by changing the way you think with the use of your subconscious power and change the fate line. Use the abundant energy of your subconscious power within you and prosper in your life.

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