Time Management skills | Ten Life changing Steps and Tips on Time Management

Time Management is nothing but managing the life. Successful Time Management leads successful life. Simple but powerful and life changing Steps and Tips on Time Management changes the life. Follow the most important ten tips implemented and accepted by great personalities and change your life.

Time Management skills Ten Life changing Steps and Tips on Time Management

A successful man is a man who managed his time and handled it properly. Really successful people have mastered the art of managing time. They have not done any trick. But they have learnt to follow some simple straightforward rules of life. One can learn from them how to use time effectively.

1. List out your priorities

Few people are busy as their nature of work keeps them so. They have to manage their time according to the work they have to carry out. The first thing they have to do is list out priorities. Allot time limits. Suppose one has to fix up the time or period during which a meeting has to take place. Similarly each work to be carried out on the same day has to be planned. In the evening he has to check the list and see what are all the jobs carried out. Suppose some of the jobs could not be attended may be given priority next day it they are so important. Some of the works may be completed communicating over phone. It saves time.

2.Avoid unnecessary wastage of time

While talking over phone personally or on call the time taken to speak should be as less as possible. Few people have the habit of talking over phone for not less than an hour even in offices or public places. During their conversation they sometime forget the matter they had to talk. This definitely spoil their precious time. Both become the losers. Thus some of us waste time in futile pursuits. Because the goal we forget or do not concentrate.

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3.Enjoy everything

Care has to be taken to allot time to items like entertainment, spending some time with family members, social functions, physical exercise and sports. A busy man many not find time for these items. But still these cannot be forgotten. To be a better and successful person one has to stick to social obligations. It is a sort of interaction also. A workaholic cannot enjoy the precious moments of life. So time has to be set.

4.Health is wealth

Some people might have to work in shifts. The usual complaint is about the night shift which cannot be avoided. Those who work in night shifts should not hesitate to sleep in the day time. They have to allow at least 8 hours in a day to sleep well. Sleeplessness causes health problems.

5. Do not Post pone

In time management, one should not post pone work unless it is compelled. If they do so, the facilities that were available next day. The opportunities may not come again.

Time Management skills  Ten Life changing Steps and Tips on Time Management

6.Plan systematically

While managing time few people in order to complete different jobs will be under stress. This is not necessary. Instead they need not stop the work. If a work is done systematically it will be completed as per schedule.

7.Appropriate work at appropriate time

Works those are to be completed in the appropriate time have to be completed in the same time. For example when an examination is fast approaching students have to study well. There is no point in studying after examination.

8.Don’t go for over commitment

Successful people take time in evolving proper methodology to materialize their goals. There will not be any over commitment.

9. Audit your Time

The very first thing you have to do is analyze where time goes. Get the real picture rather than what you imagine. Check the time thieves. Work out and write down where your time is going during the day.

Identify where you can make savings and decide what you’d rather be doing with that time. There is no time like the present. Also recognize the drain on your time caused by other people. Once you have identified your wasted time you can aim at replacing it with activities which you have liked.

10.Avoid Procrastination

To put off or defer an action to a later time is procrastination or delay. Delay is dangerous. It is the wasting disease of time. It is the major bottleneck. Fear is one of the causes of procrastination or dilatory. The easiest way of overcoming your fears is to think positively. Say always. I can do it. I will do it. One who values time must beat procrastination. It is the thief of time. Many of the meetings go on talking, eating etc. meetings cannot be avoided. But see are they productive? Make very one aware of the cost of meetings. Ensure that meetings are run to time. Achievers take care to conduct meetings themselves. They do not hold or attend meetings for the sake of them.

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