How to get Free SMS alerts of your important incoming mails in your GMail, Yahoo etc.

Every time you may not be with your computer to check important mails. You may not have advanced mobile with Internet connection to keep check your mails. If you able to receive simple SMS in your mobile, then you need not worry about your important mails.

Yes you receive your mails as SMS to your Mobile itself that too absolutely free. way2sms a popular website known for Free SMS services is providing this excellent free service. You need to do simple settings in your Way2sms as well as Gmail account as explained in detailed below.

Simple steps to configure at Way2SMS

1. Register free at way2sms.
2. After successful registration, login with your Mobile Number and Password. Click on Mail Alerts located at top right corner.

4.Then Activate your account. Choose the best time you interested to receive SMS alerts.

Once you registered and configured succesfully you will get an unique mail id like xxxxx@way2sms.com.Now configure GMail / Yahoo settings to receive SMS alert.

Simple steps to configure at Gmail

1.Go to Gmail Settings. Select Forwarding and POP / IMAP
2.Press button Add a forwarding address and add the address supplied by way2sms(xxxxxx@way2sms.com). As soon as you add Confirmation code will be sent to your mobile.

3.Enter the confirmation code and press verify button.
Select a radio button forward a copy of incoming mail to as shown below.
and then save.

Yahoo Settings
In Yahoo it is not free. You need to upgrade with $19.99 per month to Yahoo mail plus. Rest of the process is same as Gmail.

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  1. ashwin says:

    The best way to get gmail text alerts via sms is to use 3rd party service called weekwill.com. I have been using it since long time now and its just works perfect for me. Whenever I get email in my gmail inbox, I get sms instantly. Its great. It doesn’t require internet connection in your phone or any 3G. Try it.

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