How to hide/unhide drive without using software in windows

Sometimes you may want to hide drive(s) of your hard disk. Reasons may be anything like you want to protect your privacy, or may be that drive contain confidential data or something like this. For this you need not to use any software, without using any software you can hide the drive. Simply follow the steps explained below with screen shot.

Steps to hide disk partition

1.Goto Run ->diskmgmt.msc
2.Windows Disk Management window opens. Then right click on drive which you want ot hide. Click on Change Drive letter and Paths.
How to hide drive without using software in windows
3.Then click on Remove. You see the message Some programs that rely on drive letters might not run correctly. Are you sure you want to remove this drive letter. Click on Yes .

Now you observe that Drive letter is removed. Go to Windows Explorer, this time you can’t see the Drive which you have removed.

Steps to unhide disk partition also involves the same procedure. Except select add instead of remove.

Don’t do this with your C Drive. One more thing you have to remember is after hiding you may not get the same drive letter on unhiding. So check whether any important shortcuts, links, installations connects to this Drive.

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