How to Increase the USB data transfer speed in Windows with simple microsoft windows7 hotfix

Microsoft Windows7 supports 64KB / Sec USB data transfer. But Microsoft released a hotfix, using which you can improve the USB data transfer speed upto 2MB/sec.

Simply follow the simple steps explained below to get the maximum 2MB USB speed.

1.Download microsoft windows update kb2581464 from microsoft website. Give your mail id so that the update can be sent to your system.

2.Start -> Run (Win+R) ->RegEdit

3.Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINES\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\usbstor\054C00C1

4.Go to Main menu Edit -> New -> DWORD (Select 32/64 based on your Windows)

5.Name it MaximumTransferLength, then Right click here and select decimal value. Give between 65535 (64KB) and 2097120 (2MB) as shown in the figure.

6.Restart the System.

You will see the change in the speed of copying from your pen drive (USB) Drive to System.

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